Review: ONE Mixed Pleasures Condoms

I used to not care what brand or type of condom I used. I would just buy whichever was cheapest from Costco, usually Trojans or Durex. But since starting this blog I’ve been branching out and trying new brands and styles and I’ve found you can really notice a difference between which condom you use. I found out about ONE condoms through twitter actually, and after checking out their website I really liked that they were trying to be different than the major condom brands. So I figured what the heck and ordered the Mixed Pleasures 12-pack, which comes with 6 of the styles ONE offers: Pleasure Dome, Super Sensitive, 576 Sensations, Glowing Pleasures, Zero, and FlavorWaves. I was definitely gonna have my work cut out for me to try all 6.. but I was up to the challenge :)

Care to try ONE?

ONE condoms have the most unique packaging for condoms I’ve ever seen and it really sets them apart from the big boys. Not only is the condom wrapper a circle instead of the usual square, but each wrapper has a unique picture or design on the front. No 2 condoms in the pack look the same. They even hold contests where you can submit your own design and have it become part of their collection. Not only is this a really cool idea, but I love the fact that they’re trying to make condoms more fun. Another part about the packaging that I really liked is the top and bottom lids snap together to become a cool travel tin which can hold up to 3 condoms. This again shows the level of detail ONE puts into their products. They could have been like everyone else and just used a cardboard box that is useless after you open it and I wouldn’t have even cared. But the fact that they didn’t really made me like ONE, even before I put one of their condoms on..

No ONE alike

There is one thing about the packaging that I found to be a slight problem though. The wrapper being a circle makes it a little more difficult to open. There is a pre-cut part on the outer edge, but even with that I found the wrapper to be much tougher to tear than other condoms. Also, since you tear the wrapper straight down the middle I always felt like I was going to tear the condom inside as well. This might be because I’ve been opening square wrapper condoms for over 10 years, so switching to a circle may take some getting used to.. Again this isn’t a huge problem, but in the heat of the moment you don’t want to leave your partner waiting any longer than you have to :)

Since there are 6 different types of condoms in the Mixed Pleasures pack, and each one has a different design/shape. I figured I’d break it down by style and give a quick summary of how each fit me.

The 6 ONE’s

The Pleasure Dome has a roomier tip which is supposed allow more freedom. However the base of the condom I found to be quite snug, and the “dome” tip is more of a necessity rather than a feature. In fact the tip isn’t even that loose, especially compared to other condoms of similar design like the Trojan Ecstacy. That said I didn’t find the Pleasure Dome overly uncomfortable but some larger men might.

The 576 Sensations is ONE’s textured condom in the Mixed Pleasures pack. Each condom has 576 studs to enhance the performance. The 576’s shape is standard, meaning there’s no special flares or loose parts. Even though it is snug the entire length I actually found it really comfortable.

The Super Sensitive is thinner and smoother, and more has more lubricant than standard condoms. It’s shape however is regular and I found it fit much like the 576 Sensations.

The Glowing Pleasures main selling point isn’t it’s shape or texture, but the fact that it glows in the dark. So putting one on feels like every other generic condom. It is slightly thicker though since the phosphorus pigment is between two layers of latex.

The Zero is ONE’s thinnest condom and was my favorite fitting out of all the pack. Again like all ONE condoms it’s a snugger fit, but with the Zero it’s tightest in the middle rather than the base. I found this made it less noticeable and more enjoyable. It isn’t the thinnest condom I’ve used but usually when a condom is really thin I’m always a little worried it’s going to break. The Zero is 25% thinner than other ONE condoms, but it still feels very strong.

The FlavorWaves are ONE’s flavored style condoms. Like the Glowing Pleasures, since there’s nothing special about their size or shape they felt like every other regular condom.

Don’t get caught in the dark without ONE

The Glowing Pleasures is definitely the most fun of them all. Who wouldn’t enjoy a glow in the dark condom? Just think of all the lightsaber and kryptonite references! To activate the glow you’re supposed to hold the condom under a bright light for at least 30 seconds. Thankfully the back of the wrapper is clear so you can do this before you open it. I tried a couple different types of light, from natural sunlight to florescent but I actually found that an LED flashlight works best. Plus the flashlight is portable so you don’t have to run to the nearest overhead light and stand there for 30 seconds. When you turn the lights off you can definitely see it glow, but it’s wasn’t as bright as I was expecting. Which is probably a good thing because although I’m sure I’d enjoy watching my super glowing penis go inside my partner, she might find it a little creepy. I took a couple pics using my stunt-penis but they aren’t the best example, as the condom glows much brighter in real life than it looks in the picture.

Now you see ONE…
Now you.. Oh wait :)

The Pleasure Dome was my least favorite of the styles, and of course it’s the style that you get 3 of since there’s only 1 Zero condom in the pack. Normally I really enjoy condoms that offer extra room at the tip, but like I said before the Pleasure Dome was a little too tight around the base. While it was never uncomfortable, it was also never comfortable.. I could always tell it was there which was slightly distracting and I never fully got into the moment.

The 576 Sensations studs sadly didn’t impress me or my partner at “enhancing the performance”. This wasn’t surprising though since I find most textured condoms don’t add much sensation anyways. We definitely could feel that the studs were there but we wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t. One thing I did like about the 576 was that it didn’t stretch at all during sex. It stayed firmly wrapped around me but never felt tight or uncomfortable.

The Super Sensitive claims to have 50% more lubricant than other condoms, but I didn’t really notice this. In fact there was barely any lubricant on the condom besides the tip, which was surprising given their claim. I did notice that it was slightly smoother and thinner, and like the 576 it stayed on well, never stretching or becoming loose.

The FlavorWaves, being flavored condoms are great for oral sex. You get 2 different flavors in the Mixed Pleasures 12-pack. The 2 flavors in mine were Chocolate Strawberry and Bubblegum, but I think each pack is different. My partner and I tried the Bubblegum, and yes it did taste like it’s name. Thankfully though this didn’t make her want to bite down and chew :) Like all flavored condoms I’ve tried though, the flavor seems to fade rather quickly, leaving you just with a latex taste in your mouth. Also, since they aren’t super thin they dampened the sensation of oral sex. Because of this and the fact that the flavor does not last that long, the FlavorWaves are really only good for foreplay in my opinion.

Want to taste ONE?

The Zero was again my favorite when it came down to the experience. It was noticeably thinner than all the other ONE condoms, even the Super Sensitive, which of course is always a good thing. Being able to feel more of the experience added the most benefit compared to all the other styles features. I also liked that there is a little extra room at the tip and base, while still being snug in the middle to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. Which is good.. ONE less thing to worry about :)

Final Thoughts
Incase you didn’t notice the trend, ONE condoms are definitely more snug than other brands. While some men might have a problem with this it didn’t really bother me (besides the Pleasure Dome). They also feel much more durable giving you peace of mind that they won’t break or tear during use. Overall you can just tell they are very high quality condoms, but they also add a sense of fun to the experience with their unique packaging. The Mixed Pleasures pack is a great way to try many of the different styles ONE carries so you can find which ones you like the best. I think next time though I’m just gonna get a full pack of the Zero, and possible a 3-pack of the Glowing Pleasures for when I want to play Star Wars in the bedroom..

You can find ONE condoms at your local Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy stores, as well as on their website


  1. Great review thanks dude. About to go try a zero right now

  2. My personal opinion about the new circular condom is this……..Being a former employee for a non profit HIV-AIDS awareness facility…….my feelings are this. The circular packaging for the condom instead of the the traditional square packaging is simply a advertisement/marketing tool. Within the past decade, education and awareness of HIV/AIDS awareness has significantly declined. I believe the circular condoms are just a marketing tool to get people to be more aware of condoms…..which have become basically extinct in our culture of the past decade, or perhaps two decades now.

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