Sep 12

Just the Tip: Searchlight Contest Winner

And the winner is.. Kayden Kross! When Kayden isn’t busy doing… other things, she always has her nose in a book! The Searchlight Winner’s unique personality trait has inspired the brand-new Bookworm texture, making her Fleshlight truly one-of-a-kind Order now to burrow your way through Kayden’s tunnels, and see for yourself why she was voted… Read More »

Sep 12

Review: Fleshlight Girls Lupe Fuentes Mini-Lotus

UPDATE: You can now get the Mini-Lotus texture with the Build Your Own Fleshlight. With the return of the Mini-Lotus texture in the new Miela Fleshlight, I figured I should finally review my Lupe Fuentes Mini-Lotus Fleshlight. The Mini-Lotus texture is based on the very popular Lotus texture, available in every Fleshlight Girls model, and is meant to deliver the most realistic… Read More »