Apr 13

Just the Tip: All-New Build Your Own Fleshlight

Fleshlight have streamlined the process of building your custom-made Fleshlight product, while adding a brand-new Cheeks orifice and 6 intense textures! What other sex toy can you build to your liking? With over 200 ways to build your Fleshlight fantasy, there is sure to be one to fit your unique needs. Gotta catch them all!… Read More »

Apr 13

Review: Fleshlight Flight MD

Just over one year ago, Fleshlight introduced a radical newly designed case and sleeve called the Flight. This year it’s gone back to school, earned a medical degree, threw on a white lab coat, and now it’s ready to give you full physical examination. Introducing the new Flight MD, with semen collection cup. This is… Read More »

Apr 13

Review: Bathmate Hydromax X40 – First 30 Days

Before the Bathmate Hydromax X40, I had never used a penis pump before. In fact I had such little knowledge of them I didn’t even know exactly what they were for. I thought they were for just before sex to help you get it up. Actually, overtime and with regular use they are meant to… Read More »

Apr 13

Just the Tip: Keep It Clean

Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of your things they won’t take care of you. Sex toys are no different. I know cleaning and maintaining them isn’t the most fun thing to do, way less fun than using them, but trust me it’s worth it. Like I mentioned in my review, the Fleshlight… Read More »

Apr 13

Review: Fleshlight Girls Bibi Jones Bi-Hive

UPDATE: You can now get the Bi-Hive texture with the Build Your Own Fleshlight. I figured it was time to review one of my favorite adult actress’ Fleshlights. Of course I’m talking about the Fleshlight Girls Bibi Jones Bi-Hive. Bibi Jones has been taking the adult industry by storm the past couple years, despite taking a short leave… Read More »