Review: Bathmate Hydromax X40 – First 30 Days

Before the Bathmate Hydromax X40, I had never used a penis pump before. In fact I had such little knowledge of them I didn’t even know exactly what they were for. I thought they were for just before sex to help you get it up. Actually, overtime and with regular use they are meant to help increase the length and girth of your penis, as well as give you harder erections and increased stamina. Like most men, I’ve always been skeptical of products and pills that make such claims, but after seeing the Bathmate featured on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, I knew I had to check it out. You’d think having a comedy skit produced about your product would be negative and insulting, but Bathmate is so confident in their pumps they actually have the Tosh.0 video on their website. What sets the Bathmate apart from traditional penis pumps is that it uses water pressure instead of relying solely on air. This idea just seemed more comfortable and natural to me. So I felt it was time to follow my slogan, and stick my penis in a Bathmate and let you know how it feels.

Meet your new best mate.

The Hydromax is Bathmate’s top of the line models and are 35% more powerful than the original Bathmate. The HydroMax X40 is 15% larger, both length and diameter than it’s little brother the X30, but other than that they are identical.

That’s a nice package.

The X40 ships in a discreet, plain white box so the mailman is non the wiser. Open it up to reveal the sleek packing that contains nicely designed graphics, photos, and information. The Bathmate itself sits snuggly in a removable drawer that you pull out from the bottom of the box and can be easily reused to store the Bathmate when not in use. Like other Bathmate models, the X40 comes in red, blue, and clear finishes. I decided to get the clear version so I could better see myself inside when in use. The X40 also comes with an extra spring valve as well as a multi-language instruction manual.

Mountain Dew for size reference.

When I removed the Hydromax X40 from the box and held it, it felt really sturdy and well engineered. The body is made of high quality poly carbonate and the rubber bellow pump feels very strong. At the base is a removable comfort ring which is a big upgrade from older Bathmate models.

Using the Hydromax is not a pleasurable experience. It’s enjoyable.. In the way going to the gym and working out is enjoyable, but sometimes there’s some discomfort. The included instructions are very brief and don’t give much detail, and the online videos aren’t much better. Because of this there was a lot of trial and error to find out what worked best for me to achieve maximum pressure with the least amount of discomfort. And after 30 days of use I have found a system that I like.


I use the Hydromax X40 in the bath. I find this easier and more relaxing that standing in the shower, especially since I didn’t get the optional shower strap so I’d have to hold it the whole time anyways. Even though it’s more expensive, I’m really glad I got the X40 over the X30 because that extra room really makes a difference. I’m not referring to the end goal of increasing size either, I’m talking about just using it everyday. I like to keep myself trimmed instead of fully shaved downstairs. Thankfully due to the X40’s increased diameter the base of the Bathmate fully covers and encloses all of the hair, minimizing awkward pulling and tugging under pressure. I’ve found using Vaseline around the comfort ring makes things smoother as well as creates better suction to the body. However this can cause the Hydromax to slide around a little, making my member not end up exactly in the center so having extra room means it’s less likely to be pressed up against the sidewall.

Choose wisely.

Here are a few other tips I’ve discovered over my 4 weeks. Before using the Bathmate massage your scrotum and let the warm water loosen things up. Not doing this resulted in my scrotum being slightly pulled into the chamber with every pump and was not pleasant/borderline painful. I’ve also found holding the Bathmate on the underside at the very bottom when pumping helps keep the boys where you want them to be. The final tip is take your time and start off slow. It takes time for blood to travel and things to expand, and expand they do. I usually take 5-7 minutes to reach maximum pressure, waiting a few minutes between each pump. It’s not a race, my penis isn’t Ricky Bobby. It’s gonna get big and hard whether it’s first or last.

So what’s the verdict after 30 days? I have definitely noticed a difference. When I started I knew I wasn’t going to get out a ruler and measure every day or week. Mostly because I’m happy with my current size but also because I know everyone is different and X.XX inches in a month won’t be the same penis to penis. So I decided to go off of visually noticeable gains and overall feeling. And after 4 weeks I am and feel thicker. When I press the release valve and remove the Bathmate I can’t help but stare at how thick I look even flaccid. Regular erections are also harder since I started using the Hydromax. I haven’t really noticed a length increase yet but I’m assume that takes longer, as your body has to grow more skin as you get longer. I also haven’t seen an increase in stamina, but given my blogger handle I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. I plan on posting follow up reviews at 3 and 6 months though so we’ll see what the changes are by then.

Final Thoughts
Overall I’m very impressed with the Bathmate Hydromax X40. I wasn’t expecting to see any results after only 30 days so the fact that I did was very surprising and a nice bonus. It’s kind of weird knowing there’s a product out there that claims to increase penis size and actually does. With every use I get more comfortable with the Hydromax X40, and I look forward to continue using it and seeing what results I can fully acheive. Maybe one day I’ll have a porn cock similar to the likes of James Deen, but even if I don’t I know mine is bigger and better than what I had 30 days ago.

Try the Bathmate Hydromax X40 for yourself. Order yours directly from Bathmate Direct to guarantee it comes with Bathmate’s 1 year warranty.


  1. Good to see youre happy with the new X40 model, I have an older Hercules Bathmate and Im quite happy with it too! I like the way they designed the new packaging.

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  4. You mentioned in the review that you were going to do some follow-up reviews after you used the Bathmate for a longer period of time. Any chance you could let us know how it’s going?

  5. I was also wondering about the updates. Im picking mine up in the next few days and im excited but nervous and skeptical all at the same time. I would like to know how others are doing later on after 3 months (generally that seems to be the most time anyone actually updates a blog, then they stop and the blog never resumes afterwards. Makes me skeptical!


  6. I followed your bathmate blog last year,why there isn’s any updates?

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