Review: Fleshlight Flight MD

Just over one year ago, Fleshlight introduced a radical newly designed case and sleeve called the Flight. This year it’s gone back to school, earned a medical degree, threw on a white lab coat, and now it’s ready to give you full physical examination. Introducing the new Flight MD, with semen collection cup. This is one doctor’s appointment I didn’t want to miss. If however, you missed my review of the original Flight, be sure to read it here.

Ready for surgery?

Like the original Flight, the Flight MD doesn’t look like your regular sex toy. It’s sleek, compact, and now comes in white. Standing on its own the Flight MD is very pleasing to the eye, like a piece of modern decor for your home rather than physically pleasing device it really is. What’s new about the Flight MD is the semen collection cup attachment that replaces the end cap. This is a welcomed addition as one of my complaints about the original Flight was due to its size, after a big orgasm cleaning it was rather a messy ordeal. But now with the collection cup all of your gooey goodness has a place to go and then been easily disposed of, or whatever else you wish to do with it. The plastic cup even has unit measuring markers on the side, as well a screw-on lid if you want to use it as a real sample collection cup. At first I was worried the cup would be cheap since its made of plastic, and Fleshlight does not sell replacements separately so if it broke or cracked you’d be out of luck. I’m happy to say to collection cup has passed my exam and withstood all the wear and tear I have given it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying its medical grade plastic but its close.

The doctor will see you now.

The Flight MD also comes with the new Navigator texture sleeve. It has the same discreet “whirlwind” orifice as the other Flight sleeves, but once you’re inside it’s a different story. The first half is filled with large shallow nubs to stimulate your entry. The second half is a triangle shaped passage that’s smooth as glass and very tight. At the end of the sleeve is a large, open, flared out area. The smooth passage, along with the flared out end means there’s nothing in the way when it comes time to explode, allowing every last drop to end up in the cup.


I love the original Flight, so what better way to test the new Flight MD than a double fisting, side by side comparison. The first thing I noticed is since the MD has the same large whirlwind opening, lubing up the sleeve is done quickly. This also makes hands free penetration very easy, and I just slide right in. The Navigator texture feels smoother and slightly tighter, especially once you reach the triangle passage. This means it’s less intense than the Pilot texture with all of it’s bumps, nubs, teeth, and ribs, but some may consider this a good thing. And once I got going the Navigator felt just as amazing, and I could barely tell them apart. Plus with a 6″ insertable length, the Flight really is the perfect size for average size men, allowing you to experience the entire sleeve and everything it offers.

Fully assembled.

The collection cup attachment requires to be tightly screwed on all the way for obvious reasons, which means you can’t adjust the suction. It does contain a small hole on the side though that I found provided the perfect amount of suction, but if you like it extra tight you can also ditch the attachment and use the original end cap. But now comes the most important part in the comparison, the orgasm. The semen collection cup definitely works as intended. The Navigator’s smooth texture along with the small suction hole allowed me to thrust hard at the end and gave me a nice release. And when I looked down there it was, all neatly resting in the base of the cup. I have to admit it was rather fun seeing how much I filled it up, and every time I use it I always see if I can beat my personal record.

How will you measure up?

Of course since most if not all of the come is already out of the way, cleaning the Flight MD is quick and easy. Just running hot water through the sleeve cleans out the rest, and the collection cup is simply unscrewed and emptied. There are a few downsides to the Flight MD but not many. Once you take off the main cap the case can’t stand upright on it’s own, so if you want to put it down to apply more lube or switch toys it has to rest on it’s side and can leak a little. Also, like other non-pigment sleeves the Navigator becomes slightly sticky after washing it, requiring more upkeep to maintain softness. And finally, due to the semen collection attachment and the cup being plastic, traveling with the Flight MD is not as easy or discreet as the original. I wish Fleshlight made a hard case to store and protect the Flight MD and semen collection cup when you throw it in your suitcase.


Final Thoughts
Fleshlight really nailed it with the Flight MD. It’s like they took the best things about the Flight, size, easy entry, great texture, and fixed the biggest problem it had while adding a kinky side to it at the same time. The semen collection cup also fits the original black case if you already own the Flight, or just prefer the Pilot or Instructor sleeves. If this is your first Flight though, it’s a no brainier to go with the MD because it’s slightly better in every way, and who doesn’t want the best?

Be sure to order your Flight MD at and get 15% off now. Plus right now you can get a free 2 oz. bottle of gun oil with any sleeve purchase. Also, you can find all of my Fleshlight reviews here.

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