Sinful Sunday: #cockinasock

Men around the world are putting their cocks in socks on Instagram for testicular cancer awareness, so I figured I’d submit one myself and help a great cause. The #cockinasock campaign started in the UK but has quickly spread worldwide. To find out more check out their official twitter page @cockinasock, and if you like what you see please follow me on twitter and Instagram. Thanks :)


Sinful Sunday


  1. Great shot! I put my subbie in a sock several times last year as punishment… I should put a pic up on my blog for the cause :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. It’s a lovely way to support the cause, the same way with the no make-up selfies of women for breast cancer.

    Nice photo.

    Rebel xox

  3. Welcome to Sinful Sunday… personally I like cocks out of socks but this is a fun and creative way to support the cause although I have my suspicions that the sock idea is about making images of male genitalia ‘acceptable’ because…. ‘eww cocks’ which is kind of a shame but even so, as I said, great cause and fun idea and I love you image. There is something about your direct and intense gaze at the camera that makes this shot


    • Thank you Molly! And yes cocks aren’t seen as the most beautiful thing, plus Instagram has a strict no nudity policy. My original post (the above image) was actually removed, hence why I added the text and fowl to help censor the image more.

  4. Great shot for an equally amazing cause! xxx

  5. Like Molly, I like cocks out of socks as well. Although I am quite enjoying the #cockinasock pics that are showing up in my timelines. It is the tilt of your head and facial expression that make this shot for me. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!


  6. This just makes me think of the curse “fucksocks”. :P

  7. There’s so much packed into your facial expression here that the sock almost feels like an afterthought! Really well-taken photo.

  8. mmmmmm well ty for raising awareness, DAMN!

  9. Oh yes thank you for raising awareness. So hot!

  10. The directness of this image is so appealing – the frank pose and expression are both refreshing and wonderful. An unapologetically strong and sexy image, in my opinion. Welcome to Sinful Sunday – I hope you’ll continue to join in going forwards …? Jane xxx

  11. My SinfulSunday last week was along a similar theme. I would argue cock in a sock is far more fun than no make up selfie, but both are for serious causes.

    Shame about censorship of INstagram ;-(

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