Review: Fleshlight Green Lady Cyclone

What’s better than finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Finding a golden Fleshlight to stick your dick in. Now you can get lucky in more ways than one with the Special Edition Fleshlight Green Lady featuring the Cyclone texture. I-Rish it wasn’t for only a limited time!


This special edition Fleshlight has Saint Patrick’s Day written all over it. It comes with the gold case you get with the Stamina Training Unit, while the sleeve itself is dyed bright green to ensure you won’t get pinched on March 17th. Other colored sleeves like the Glow In The Dark Freaks and the Alien seem to have a slightly different feel to them, but the Green Lady is extremely soft to touch like it’s pink counterpart. I was actually surprised how good the green dye looks on the SuperSkin material. Pair it with the gold case it comes with and in my opinion it looks even better. If you’ve ever wondered what the She-Hulk’s vagina looked like, you won’t be disappointed with the Green Lady.


Years ago, the Cyclone texture used to be a standard texture offered by Fleshlight and was a fan favorite. Since then however it was discontinued, but has found it’s way back in the Special Edition Green Lady. The Cylcone is a mix between the Super Ribbed and the Twista, containing peaks and valleys in an ever tightening swirling pattern. While I love Fleshlight’s new approach with their multi-texture sleeves that contain a mix of chambers that are very different from each other, the Cyclone shows a repetitive texture can still be extremely intense and exciting.


I’ll be honest, like the Alien Fleshlight, it’s a little weird at first sticking your dick in such an odd colored orafice. But once you’re inside the only thing you think about is how good it feels. The Cyclone texture is simple, yet very stimulating. The sleeve itself isn’t very tight, but with the end cap closed a little you can feel the ribs grasp on to you when you start to pull out. I didn’t last long with the Green Lady, and she gave me one hell of a toe-curling orgasm at the end. Not only was this extremely satisfying, there was also a certain classic feel to it. Male masturbation sleeves today seem to be getting crazier and wilder, adding more bells and whistles every second. But using the Green Lady took my back to my first experience with a male sex toy, My Gateway Toy, and there was something special about that.


Final Thoughts
The Special Edition Green Lady Fleshlight is my favorite green thing since Mountain Dew. Sadly mine didn’t arrive in time for this years Saint Patrick’s Day, but next year I might just bring it along with me to the bars. I may even take a shot or two out of those green lips, once it’s been properly sterilized of course!


Be sure to grab one for yourself for only $39.99 as today, April 1st is the last day it is available. This is the cheapest any boner-fied Fleshlight has been offered at, and like you when you’re using it, it won’t last long!


  1. It’s sort of pretty, to me at least. I don’t care for the pink color they usually come in, so the green is a pleasant change of pace!

  2. I really liked this review, but I must admit that I hope you don’t drink out of your pretty green masturbation sleeve. It’s made of a porous material and simply can not be sterilized no matter how well you clean it. So, drinking out of it may be a quick and easy way to make yourself very sick. Trust me! I learned the hard way about porous toys.

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