Review: Fleshlight Shower Mount

Once you’ve used a Fleshlight or any other male sex toy, there’s no going back, you’re hooked. But you’re still always looking for new experiences and new ways to use them. One of the best ways to experience a Fleshlight is hands free. Back in the medieval times you would have to stuff it under your mattress or have a friend hold it for you while you thrust yourself into ecstasy. Those days are long gone though, because now Fleshlight has a line of accessories designed for hands free action. The most popular of these accessories is the Fleshlight Shower Mount. Sex in the shower just got a whole lot better.
The Fleshlight Shower Mount is well designed, very sturdy, and easy to use. Just attach it to any hard, smooth surface, turn the lever to activate the suction, and you’re good to go. You can even adjust the pivot angle of the Fleshlight to find the perfect position for your penis pleasure ;) The Shower Mount is designed to work with every standard Fleshlight case, although I did find that the clear cases are a little difficult to thread onto the mount. However, with a little persistence it will go on. There’s also an adapter so that you can use the Shower Mount with the Fleshlight Flight. The only line that isn’t compatible is the Sex in a Can Fleshlights.
When I first received the Fleshlight Shower Mount I couldn’t wait to use it. The shower was already one of my favorite places to use a Fleshlight. You’re naked, it’s hot, steamy, and cleanup is a breeze, so it’s a natural location for jerking off. Sadly, the shower walls in my apartment are made of a slightly textured plastic, so attaching the Shower Mount wasn’t possible at first. This was easily remedied though by installing a mirror in my shower with some double sided tape. Not only could I use this for shaving purposes, but now I had a smooth surface to mount my Fleshlights.
SM-mounted Using the Fleshlight Shower Mount is a truly awesome. Being able to thrust your cock hands free into your favorite Fleshlight sleeve is a whole new experience, and it’s so much better than using your hand. The strength of the suction is also something to mention. As long as the surface is hard and smooth such as tile or glass, once it’s locked in place, it’s really locked in place. No matter how vigorously I thrusted, the mount never budged. The mirror would probably crack or break before the suction of the seal failed. This is really nice not having to worry your Fleshlight is going to fall mid use and possibly smash your feet or even break on the shower floor. However, the best part about the Fleshlight Shower Mount comes when you cum. If you’ve never experienced a hands free Fleshlight orgasm, then I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but cumming hands free ain’t one.

Final Thoughts
I’ve owned the Fleshlight Shower Mount for about a year now, and I’m still amazed how awesome it is. If you own a Fleshlight, and a shower, the Shower Mount is seriously a no brainer. It’s hands down the best accessory made for Fleshlights. Thankfully Fleshlight knows this and offer many bundles that include a Shower Mount. The also sometimes have deals that offer a free Shower Mount with your purchase. If neither of these are available, of course you can always just buy the Shower Mount separately. And if you own a Fleshlight Flight, don’t forget the adapter :) Be sure to pick yours up at

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