Review: Fleshlight Launch

Ever since I bought my first sex toy, it changed the way I masturbated. Sure using your hand can be great, but when you want to fully indulge yourself, nothing beats a Fleshlight. I especially love experiencing sex toys with a partner. Having someone else use a toy on you is an invigorating feeling. But what if you’re single or your partner is miles away? Interactive sex toys allow you to connect to adult content or another human in a completely new way. At last, Fleshlight has developed a brand new product for the futuristic age. Introducing the Fleshlight Launch.

“Fucking machines” have been around for years, for both men and women, but they are loud, large, and very expensive. I’ve never used one personally, but in my opinion the only people who can actually justify such a large purchase are sex workers or people in the adult film industry. The Fleshlight Launch on the other hand is small, sleek, and very reasonably priced at $200 (U.S.), it really is the first “home-use” sex machine. It’s design is also very modern, like it was designed by NASA (hence the name), and at first glance you wouldn’t even think this was a sex toy. It’s easy and quiet to operate, but it’s biggest feature is that the Launch has Bluetooth connectivity making it fully interactive. You can link it to your phone or computer and use it with videos, VR, cams, or even have your partner take control of the device. The rechargeable battery only takes about an hour to fully charge, and lasts an incredibly long time. As of writing this it’s been over a month with about 3-4 hours of runtime and I’ve yet to need to recharge my Fleshlight Launch.

How It Works
The Fleshlight Launch uses Kiiroo technology and a series of motors to create a thrusting motion. Simply insert a regular sized Fleshlight of your choosing, lock it in, power it on, and then just sit back and relax while Launch does the rest. You can either use the Launch in manual mode, where the buttons on either side adjust the speed and length of the thrusts. But for the best experience you can connect to the device via the built-in Bluetooth and give control of your cock to whatever or whoever you deem worthy. The Fleshlight Launch works with multiple sites and apps, including the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl as well as videos, games, and cams on

When my Fleshlight Launch arrived I was incredibly eager to use it. I didn’t know what to expect and the anticipation made it easy to get hard. I grabbed my Christy Mack Fleshlight and locked it into place. I then lubed up my now throbbing cock, slid it in slowly, and powered it on.

I started with manual mode. The steady thrusting felt nice, like I imagined, but there’s a slight delay when you press the button to either adjust the speed or length of the thrusts before the device actually changes. While this was annoying it wasn’t enough to kill the mood. However, after a while the constant motion became kind of monotonous and left much to be desired. Without any visual stimulation it would take quite a while to cum using this method. So at this time I decided to switch gears and switch to interactive mode.

I logged in to and browsed what videos they had to offer. Most of the interactive videos they have are hidden behind a pay wall. Now normally I don’t mind paying for content, as my days of pirating music and videos ended long ago once I started a career and earned a decent salary. However, I was kind of irked to find the only option was to pay $1-$2 for a 24 hour subscription per video, or $6-$10 per month to subscribe to one of their many channels. I wish there was a way to just buy videos and be able to watch them as many times as you’d like. But I’m getting off topic.. Thankfully FeelMe does offer a handful of free videos to choose from. After linking the Fleshlight Launch to the FeelMe app on my phone I found an enticing Bobbi Eden blowjob video and pressed play. What I experienced next would change the way I thought about sex toys..

Sitting back in my chair, watching porn while the Fleshlight Launch stroked my cock mimicking what was happening on screen was one of the most incredible sensations I’ve felt while masturbating. When Bobbi and her blonde co-star teased and played with the cock the Launch delivered long, slow strokes. But when the girls grabbed hold and gave a quick handjob the Launch mirrored the action with fast, short sweeps up and down my shaft. The idea that I didn’t know what was going to happen next was a huge turn on. Combine that with the fact the Christy Mack Fleshlight already feels amazing by itself, and what you have is the recipe for one mind blowing orgasm. To be honest I’m getting hard again just thinking about it as I write this.. The Fleshlight Launch definitely leaves an impression on you.

Final Thoughts
I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m a huge fan of the Fleshlight Launch. I know it’s a pricey accessory but if you’re reading this and you’re like me, then you really enjoy masturbating and you’re always looking for something new and exciting. Hence why you buy Fleshlights in the first place. Since the Fleshlight Launch can be used with so many different Fleshlights and works with hundreds of videos, VR, and cams, it can give you that new experience over and over again. Plus as time goes by they will only add more content so the possibilities are really endless.

Similar to when Apple launched the Apple II, in my opinion the Fleshlight Launch is a game changer. With the growing popularity of VR, interactive sex is just going to get bigger and better over the next couple years. I personally can’t wait to see how they will make me cum next! ;)

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