Review: Fleshpump

Until recently, penis pumps have always intimidated me. They looked uncomfortable, hard to use, and I always wondered, “Do they actually work?”. I never knew who they were intended for either. I’ve never considered myself “small” or had difficulty getting an erection, so why would I need a penis pump? It wasn’t until I tried the Bathmate Hydromax X40, that I realized what all the fuss was about. It’s not about making your dick bigger, but making your erections THICKER. So when Fleshlight announced they were making a penis pump, called the Fleshpump, I knew I had to get one right away.

If you’re familiar with Fleshlight masturbation sleeves or any of their products you’ll know they are of the highest quality, and the Fleshpump is no exception. Starting with the packaging the Fleshpump comes in a sleek and elegant box . Open it up and inside you’ll find the Electric Pump, 7.4″ x 3″ diameter cylinder, the standard donut sleeve and a bonus supple donut sleeve, and finally the USB charging cable and plug-in block.

The electric pump, like the Fleshlight Launch comes with a nice lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge and with daily use, lasts about a week before needing to be recharged. The pump has only 2 buttons, making it extremely easy to use. One button acts as a start/stop for the pump and the other opens the quick release safety valve. The supple donut sleeve has a rounded top for comfort and is very soft, similar the material that Fleshlight masturbation sleeves are made from. The standard donut sleeve is more rigid and is slightly concave rather than convex. Both sleeves have a small diameter hole in the middle that is able to flex and stretch to accommodate any size penis.

Normally when I think of penis pumps I picture cheap looking tubes with attached hand pumps from China. So I was very impressed with the Fleshpump’s build quality. It feels sturdy in your hands and is very easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Just insert the electric pump on one end of the cylinder and your preferred donut sleeve at the other and you’re ready to pump some iron WOOD!

When it came time to use the Fleshpump for the first time, I was excited but wasn’t sure what to expect. The only other penis pump I had used was the Bathmate, which is a water based pump and very different from an air pump. I decided to go with the supple donut sleeve as it feels very soft and I wanted something comfortable. The small diameter hole in the center of the supple sleeve is very tight and like Fleshlight sleeves, requires lube to slide your dick in; especially when you aren’t fully erect. Once I lubed up, I inserted my cock into the Fleshpump, pressed the on button, and instantly felt myself being pulled into the cylinder.

It was exhilarating watching my dick grow before my eyes. The sides of the cylinder is marked with increments in both inches and centimeters. It felt like an adult science experiment seeing the tip rise up the tube. Passing the 4 inch mark, the the 5, and 6, before finally coming to a halt around 6 and a half. At first it felt like I was wearing a cock ring. My dick felt full of blood and the veins were clearly visible. While this was slightly uncomfortable it was nowhere near as bad as using the Bathmate. With the Batemate having such a large opening at the base, there was a constant pressure on my pelvic area and at times it felt like my balls were being sucked into the tube. Since the Fleshpump has the donut sleeve all the pressure was on my penis, like it should be.

After a couple minutes I could feel, as well as visually see my cock become thicker. The veins were no longer bulging either as my shaft swelled and got accommodated with the amount of blood being forced into it. I pressed the on button again and my head creeped to the 7 inch mark, which is nearly the entire length of the Fleshpump cylinder. I just sat there in amazement and stared at my swollen dick, pressing the on button every couple of minutes to try and extract every last millimeter. After about 20 minutes I finally hit the quick release button and felt the pressure subside before I finally pulled my cock out and see the results.

After using the Fleshpump, my dick was bigger and thicker than it had ever been. I was honestly surprised at how instant the results were. Even when my erection went down it felt like I had a python in my boxers. Like I said at the beginning of this review, I’ve never considered myself small, but walking around with a thick dick was a huge confidence boost.

When my girlfriend came over later that night and she wrapped her hand around my cock she instantly knew something was different. She asked how I was so big and I told her I got a new toy. Her only response was a huge smile and the question, “I wonder if I can fit it in my mouth?” Needless to say this led to some bedroom activities and lube was required again ;)

Final Thoughts
If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of the Fleshlight Fleshpump. I now see the appeal of penis pumps and I have a feeling if my first experience was with a cheap knock-off, it wouldn’t be the same. With the Fleshpump being super easy to use and extremely comfortable, I believe it to be the best penis pump on the market today. Even though the affects only last a couple hours, the fact that it’s instant gratification makes the Fleshpump something I will be using time and time again.

If you’d like to get a Fleshpump for yourself head over to and order yours today!

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