Mar 14

Review: CB-6000 & CB-6000S Male Chastity Cage

My first male chastity experience I used the Bon-4 Male Chastity Cage due to a recommendation from a fellow reviewer. But after several lock-ups with the Bon-4, I felt it was time to finally try out the big daddy of chastity cages, the 2013 XBIZ Awards Winner, The CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage. The CB-6000 Male… Read More »

May 13

Review: Bon 4 Plus Male Chastity Cage

Male chastity devices have been around forever, but recently it seems they have started to gain more popularity in the fetish world. I had never tried chastity play before but I admit the idea of being locked up did entice me. After browsing around at the many devices that are out there, I decided the… Read More »