Jan 14

Just the Tip: The Legend Continues

The legendary Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson, has joined the ranks of the Fleshlight Girls! Her new texture, the Lengend, will assault your senses with its ever-changing width studded with ribs, dots, squares, and nubs. Also, the first 1000 orders will receive a post card signed by Jenna herself. I’ve already ordered mine so expect… Read More »

Apr 13

Just the Tip: All-New Build Your Own Fleshlight

Fleshlight have streamlined the process of building your custom-made Fleshlight product, while adding a brand-new Cheeks orifice and 6 intense textures! What other sex toy can you build to your liking? With over 200 ways to build your Fleshlight fantasy, there is sure to be one to fit your unique needs. Gotta catch them all!… Read More »

Apr 13

Just the Tip: Keep It Clean

Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of your things they won’t take care of you. Sex toys are no different. I know cleaning and maintaining them isn’t the most fun thing to do, way less fun than using them, but trust me it’s worth it. Like I mentioned in my review, the Fleshlight… Read More »

Sep 12

Just the Tip: Searchlight Contest Winner

And the winner is.. Kayden Kross! When Kayden isn’t busy doing… other things, she always has her nose in a book! The Searchlight Winner’s unique personality trait has inspired the brand-new Bookworm texture, making her Fleshlight truly one-of-a-kind Order now to burrow your way through Kayden’s tunnels, and see for yourself why she was voted… Read More »

Aug 12

Just the Tip: Searchlight Contest

Have you ever wanted to choose the next Fleshlight Girl? Now you have the chance! World-famous adult actress Jenna Haze hosts Searchlight. In the first episode of this sexy reality web-series, you’ll get to meet three contestants that are competing to be the next Fleshlight Girl. Introducing the Searchlight Contest. Get to know Kayden Kross,… Read More »

May 12

Just the Tip: Gel Lubricants

I wanted to start a new section of my blog for tips, tricks, & offers I come across and think are good enough to share. I’m calling it “Just the Tip” after everyone’s favorite foreplay game, and I figured what better place to start than with something that’s required every time I use one of… Read More »