Jul 17

Masturbating with a Condom

If you haven’t noticed, I love masturbating. Don’t get me wrong I love sex too but there’s just something special about taking your time and getting yourself off. Growing up, like most guys I would always jerk off in the shower or just cum in an old towel. Once I got my own place though… Read More »

Apr 13

Just the Tip: Keep It Clean

Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of your things they won’t take care of you. Sex toys are no different. I know cleaning and maintaining them isn’t the most fun thing to do, way less fun than using them, but trust me it’s worth it. Like I mentioned in my review, the Fleshlight… Read More »

May 12

Just the Tip: Gel Lubricants

I wanted to start a new section of my blog for tips, tricks, & offers I come across and think are good enough to share. I’m calling it “Just the Tip” after everyone’s favorite foreplay game, and I figured what better place to start than with something that’s required every time I use one of… Read More »